Cà phê is the Vietnamese meaning of coffee, in which I take a huge pride in and I strongly believe that you should try Vietnamese coffee at least once in your lifetime.

This sketch is among the approaches in my proposal to a branding project owned by a Coffee brand in Hanoi the capital.
The brief was to highlight the journey of a coffee bean before it ends up in our daily cups of coffee. Even though the idea got rejected, I decided to go to extra lengths to pursue it as my personal project.

I would love to liken each farmer to a warrior that has accompanied the coffee beans in this long exciting journey.

The patterns and designs were inspired by the environment and all of the factors that are closely attached to the coffee makers.
The working people are also illustrated in a more optimistic and enthusiastic mood and tone.

This is because I think they may breathe in a kind of 'magical' energy to accomplish their mission at their best, bringing us a lingering cup of coffee.