Duc Luong a.k.a Luongdoo is a Vietnamese illustrator with a focus on advertising and editorial illustration.

Everyone, especially those who are working, will probably think of him a lot towards the end of the month because ‘Luong‘ means salary in Vietnamese.

He currently serves as the Illustrator and design lead at KI SAIGON, a creative agency that focuses on strategy, design, and storytelling in every solution.

With a keen eye and a deep appreciation for his own culture, he enjoys observing and immersing himself in the vibrant tapestry of Vietnamese life. From the people to the objects, he finds beauty in the everyday rhythms that surround him.

Driven by his inspiration, he embarked on a journey to create a remarkable sound archive site named Sounds of Vietnam.

👂 Instagram @soundsofvietnam

Selected Clients:

AFAR Magazine / Atlanta Magazine / Coca-Cola / Clear Men / Cultura / Elle Decoration / Elle Vietnam / Harry’s / Heineken / Lippincott / New Scientist / Pepsi / Samsung / The New York Times / Vans / Verites

Over the years, his love for researching Vietnam postage stamps has only grown stronger, alongside his passion for illustrating.
He isdeeply involved in a project called Bưu Hoa Việt Nam, dedicated to preserving the captivating visuals of Vietnam postage stamps, as well as the rich narratives and individuals behind them.

Instagram @buuhoavietnam

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