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Hello! I'm Đức Lương with the alias ‘Luongdoo’.
Everyone, especially those who’re working, will probably think of me a lot towards the end of the month because “Lương” means salary in Vietnamese.

When I was two years old, I followed my parents on a train trip from Lang Co (a fishing village in central Vietnam) to Saigon and since then I've grown to love this place before I knew it.

Nine years ago was when I put down my first sketches on paper, and four years later, I decided to pursue a career in editorial and advertising illustration.
As someone who’s inquisitive and meticulous in nature, I love observing and appreciating people, objects, and listening to the rhythms of what’s happening around me — those are my main inspirations to draw.

Have a project or an idea in mind and you'd like to collaborate – don't hesitate to contact me. I would love to hear from you.

+84 938 0930 86
Selected clients
The New York Times, New Scientist, Atlanta Magazine, Walnut Magazine, T - P O T Journal, Dep Magazine, Harry’s, Coca-Cola, Samsung, Cultura, Clear Men, Vans, Biti's Hunter

2019 Vietnam Young Lions Silver. Film & Integrated Lions
2017 Vietnam Young Lions Bronze. Film Lions

Years by years, apart from illustrating, my strongest passion is researching stamps. I am working on a project entitled 'Bưu Hoa Việt Nam' which aims to archive the iconic graphics of Vietnam postage stamps, also the people and stories.