Non-stop Hunting For Exeriences

A series of illustrations for Biti's Hunter.
Client: Biti’s Hunter
Agency: Dentsu Redder
Art Director: Christian Gaziamodo
Animation House: Spice Fx
Project type: Digital Illustration
Year: 2020

I am fond of observing and inspecting happening events wherever I set foot in.
This daily habit helps me come up with breakthrough ideas within my creative process.

All combined, they form into #TheBigBigWorld where characters playfully interact with the main talent.


The polka dot effect & noisy gradient are selected as the communicating visualization for the artworks, reflecting the hustle-bustle as well as modern expression.




Every character is carefully curated to represent all walks of life that you can come across on any Vietnamese street, river, and mountain...
To bring out a more funky atmosphere, animals are personalized to partake in activities as a part of the story.


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