Spring Bundles

My recent hero illustration was utilized in Harry's email marketing.
A simple idea from the team was to use a farmer's market scene to tie in the new season with bundles.


Client: Harry’s
Art Director: Amanda Pham
Project type: Digital Illustration
Year: 2023

Here are two sketches of a farmer's market stall with two of
Harry's set bundles in market crates based on the initial ideas in the brief.

To help viewers and especially customers who love Harry's products,
I take out unnecessary details and keep important product features that
make them easy to spot, even when the illustration is shown on
a small size like a phone screen.

So, in the final drawing, I didn't hesitate to add some flowers and plants
that grow organically on the ground and greenery on the ledge,
giving it a more organic, natural look that goes well with Harry's products.

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