The Book That Lasts A Thousand Years

Creating illustrations for the Letters to the Future project, which entails a captivating series of letters to our distant descendants, narrated through the medium of recycled plastic.

Kumkum Fernando, one of the individuals behind this project, reached out to me to discuss the project and asked if I would be interested in taking on the role of visual lead for this book. With a team of dedicated staff, we gathered handwritten letters from individuals across the globe, spanning countries such as Australia, Japan, Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand, Mongolia, Israel, Tibet, India, Sri Lanka, America, and Argentina. After scanning them, the letters were meticulously digitized, with each one being translated into English if necessary.

In some heartfelt letters, the writers reflect on the past and look forward to the future; in others, they express a desire for peace and express their gratitude for the local environment, including the trees, wildlife, and motherland.

In the final stage, I was tasked with thoroughly examining each of those letters and carefully considering the illustrations that accompanied them.
Project: Letters to the future
Creative agency: Ki Saigon
Sponsored by: Pizza 4P’s
Creative Director: Kumkum Fernando
Director of Strategy: Indraneel Guha
Art Director: Chung Hoang
Lead Visualizer: Duc Luong (Luongdoo)
Visualizer: Quang Nguyen
Producer: Tue nguyen & Khanh tran
Artist: Zac Buehner
Design Intern: Dong Quan
Official Photography: Wing Chan
Production House: VAIB
Videography: Justin Ngiam
Music: Numa Gama

Recognized by D&AD 2022, Letters to the Future, Shortlist
See the full project at: LINK

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