The City Of Love

An enchanting perfume collection inspired by the love and charm of Vietnam's cities.

Our goal in creating this package design is to show a girl's heartfelt love story as she visits three iconic Vietnamese cities: Da Lat, Saigon, and Hanoi. The cities in question, nevertheless, warranted their own narrative.

So we came up with the name

Verites' team informed me that, when entering The City Of Love -
Perfume Showcase, the desires for love or healing should be
authentically portrayed through the illustrations, sounds,
and scents in each area of the exhibition space.

On her journey to Da Lat..

A city known as the "city of healing".

I pictured a serene morning scene, with gentle plants swayin and the crisp scent of pine trees. Proposed are green an earthy brown tones to pay homage to this land.

Stepping into Saigon...

Her initial emotions towards someone reignited her faith in love.

The color palette of Saigon draws inspiration from the vibrant hues of the city's dazzling nightlife.

Arriving in Hanoi,
the final destination...

The scene is reminiscent of my brief business trips to Hanoi during the autumn season. I particularly enjoy strolling through the narrow streets lined wit charming old houses and observing the humble way of life embraced by the locals.
When it comes to Hanoi's autumn, it's truly the most enchanting time of the year, where love stories between couples blossom.

I thoroughly examined every detail of the illustration,
aiming to evoke a warm and inviting atmosphere for the viewer.

Hanoi is the place where a girl's heart blossoms with a newfound love.




Client: Verites Viet Nam

Project Manager: Ngoc Dang — Producer: Mai Huong — Illustrator: Duc Luong (Luongdoo)
Supporter: Himmie Nguyen, Bach Van, Cuc Mai — Photo: Verites — Year: 2024

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