Huyền Đan

This Elle’s August issue features architect Huyền Đan, who is a practitioner of sustainable agriculture – Permaculture.

Link to read the article here.
Art Director: Thùy Dương
Medium: Ink, graphite on paper, photoshop, 15.5x5.5in

Year: 2022

Sketch stage

Although the line work is quite rudimentary, it shows the love of Huyền Đan and his associates for the work and the abundant essence of nature.

I chose blue and yellow-brown as primary colors for this illustration after much thought and consideration as they are the colors of indigo fabric and highland soil.

some inspiration from the pictures

A tiny worm climbing the hat,
eroded rocks and stones,
a deluge of rain,
a forest dust trail,
or even mosquitoes flying by


A litte seed for me to sow
A little earth to make it grow
A little hole
A little pat
A little wish
And a little flower
For me to hold
To listen
To feel

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