Assisting in crafting still frame illustrations for Pizza 4P's Peace Day 2020 campaign short film.

The idea was presented with a whimsical animated story, featuring two butterflies on a mission to discover the key to happiness. In the end, they find it by finding each other, showcasing the beauty of unity.

To give the campaign a vibrant touch, we crafted an identity using triangles and circles, representing the essence of a traditional pizza. The butterfly colors were carefully chosen by blending the hues of the flags from the nations involved in the conflict.
Creative agency: Ki Saigon
Sponsored by: Pizza 4P’s
Creative Director: Kumkum Fernando
Copywriter: Indraneel Guha
Art Director: Chung Hoang
Visualizer: Duc Luong (Luongdoo), Chung Hoang
Animation Studio: Calimotion

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